Business Awards

The Challenge

In 2013, Precedent Productions approached my employer Experience Digital to rebuild and modernise their Business Awards software.

I was tasked to review the limitations in the existing project and create a prototype that incorporated all the requirements of the client.

Building around the user's needs

Reviewing their existing system, I came up with several innovations that improved their system, delighted the client and created a more user-centred design of their system.

  • Allowed small businesses to nominate and vote for Local Business Awards online.
  • Provided users with a historical view of a business's past rankings for a contextual understanding before they vote.
  • Admins could view votes, finalists and got prompts for cut-off dates before which they must choose a winner.
  • Finalists and winners got progressively higher amounts of privilege within the system, allowing them to upload banners, social media links and display badges.
  • Let businesses message each other.

The Results

Every year, thousands of businesses around Australia nominate and win Local Business Awards. The process has become smoother, more intuitive and more inslusive for all. Transparency is higher, with robust record-keeping and custom built reports provide our client with key insights. The re-build of Business Awards has transformed many businesses across Australia.

Business Awards UI