My UX Process

Every company and team define their own methods to build a UX process, but its good to know what others are doing. Your list might be different from mine, but consulting each other’s lists helps to choose the right steps for your own project. Here’s mine:

  1. The story, or why you’re building what you’re building. What specific problem you’re solving?
  2. Are you sure its a real problem? Have you validated it? Have we tried any solutions?
  3. Carry out user research. Use interviews, surveys, competitive analysis, A/B tests.
  4. Build user personas.
  5. Write user stories & scenarios. Be clear about user tasks.
  6. Write user journeys.
  7. Draw data flow diagrams.
  8. Identify red routes (most commonly needed user flows across all user types).
  9. Understand system requirements, including functional and non-functional requirements, integrations, devices, APIs and future development roadmaps.
  10. Build Information Architecture.
  11. Understand product rollout plan.
  12. Understand product marketing plan.
  13. Find ways to delight your users.
  14. Find the most efficient ways to meet user requirements.
  15. Sketch your ideas. Lots and lots of them, with different ways and methods of achieving user goals.
  16. Carry out user research again, testing your ideas. Find out the winner.
  17. Build mockups and prototypes. Now is the time to create interactive mockups and prototypes of your product.
  18. Develop and launch your solution.
  19. Monitor and measure user behaviour.
  20. Improve the product based on user behaviour and feedback.

Your list may vary. My list may also vary as I improve my own process.