The Challenge

In 2012, my co-founder and I stumbled upon a burning need for many restaurateurs; the need to add dynamic pricing to restaurant food.

As the sole designer in the team, my role was not only to design an intuitive interface for the concept, but also validate whatever we were doing, was actually something that users wanted.

It took a while before we could convince an initial cohort of restaurateurs to provide us feedback on our designs. Indeed they were kind people, willing to volunteer their time for something they wished existed.

I had found out that restaurateurs wanted to discount their food for moving their inventories faster. But my biggest challenge was to create an interface that was easy to use. Restaurateurs are busy people, present them anything complex and they'll find a way to avoid your solution.

Interacting with a deal

I created an interface that gradually released and sought information from the maker. It took into account usability from a non-technical restaurant owner's perspective, but also provided them full control over how they wanted to construct their deals.

Deal UI - 1, Opendeals

Deal UI - 2, Opendeals

Deal UI, Constructed

After working with (brilliant) developer, I modified the UI to make it simpler, more intuitive and still retaining all its flexibility.

Deal UI - Constructed, Opendeals

Opendeals went through many more iterations of design, which any project that ships, does. This project was my biggest learning curve in building intuitive interactions for users.