Warrior Wellness

The Challenge

Warrior Wellness approached me to design their corporate wellness program application. Previously they were managing each of their client's details using Microsoft Excel, and were sick of having to update each client's members manually.

Due to NDAs in place, I am not able to share further details about the project, but there were many key takeaways that I learned doing this project:

Key Takeaways

  • Users often have a preference for a time slot that's popular among many. For example, a 6 am workout class is more popular than anything in the evening. How do you make it fair for every member, while allowing them to book their favourite time slot in advance? The answer lies in rotating the favourite time slots so every one gets a chance to work out at a time that suits them best.
  • Multi-site management quickly comes up as a key requirement once a larger client gets going on a web platform.
  • User preferences change as life happens. The ability to change their preferences within the context of an application should be easy, intuitive and straight-forward.