What’s wrong with iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is a great phone, but it is also home to some really annoying features and changes. Here’s my list.

  • The missing headphone jack causes actual, real problems because the realistic battery life of the phone is less than 24 hours. I would’ve lived with it if the port was a USB-C. I would’ve told myself its the price of the human race racing forward. But no, its just about Apple’s bottom line.
  • The slide-to-unlock had a real purpose: the ability to interact with your notifications. I can’t do that anymore. I must go to my home screen, swipe down, then scroll up to the top of my notifications area to see what that new notification was.
  • I don’t use the Airplay mirroring, or that airdrop thing. I do use my phone to listen to stuff, like most people, but the controls are now one more swipe away.
  • Apple Pay is practically useless, as I don’t bank with ANZ. No other major bank has signed up with Apple in Australia.
  • Resting the finger on the home ‘button’ for half a second longer triggers Siri. 99% of the time I don’t want to see Siri’s animation (or Siri itself). I am just trying to go to home screen. Siri can’t be assigned to another shortcut, for example, the double tap, which is practically useless on iPhone 7. Double tap tries to bring down the contents of the screen, which on my 4.7″ phone is not needed at all.
  • I cannot swipe to open camera, unless I am using a finger that’s not registered as a fingerprint. Otherwise I just log into my home screen.
  • When I am listening to something, my foremost interaction with the phone is about playing, pausing, scrubbing the audio. But I am denied all of it as I am logged directly into the home screen, no controls available immediately.
  • Laid on a flat surface, the phone wobbles because of the camera lens protrusion.